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Confucius Institute Summer Camp in Burundi at Bohai University 2017-02-27

From August 29 th to September 4 th ,the University of Burundi Confucius summer camp led by GUY De Battista, a group of 15 people had a visit in Bohai University for a week of summer camp tour. In the afternoon, teachers and students of Col…


Lucky Money for the Confucius College scholarship students 2017-02-27

The Spring Festival is a symbol of reunion and celebration, the tradition of lucky money, which has been handed down for thousands of years, is still maintained its traditional characteristics in the College International Exchange of Bohai…


Impressive Performance is made by Bohai Students In Tianjin 2016-12-22

From 13 th to 16 th of June, the second competition of Dynamic China- Sunshine Sports Culture Tour For International Students for the northeast was held in Tianjin University. This competition covers 18 universities from 7 provinces in tota…


2015 Confucius Institute Summer Camp in Burundi at Bohai University 2016-12-22

From September 8th to September 19th Confucius from the Confucius Institute in Burundi, Chinese President Liu Yifeng led the 2015 Burundi Teachers University summer camp, a group of 19 people came to the Bohai University to carry out a summ…


“Burundi’s Chinese New Year" 2016 Annual Spring Festival Gala of The Burundi University Confucius Institute 2016-12-02

Burundi local time on the morning of January 30th, the University of Burundi Confucius Institute held the 2016 Spring Festival gala. Leaders in the Embassy in Burundi and the staff in the University of Burundi and other distinguished guests…



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