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“Three LOVE” Activity In The College of Exchange 2017-02-27

In the beginning of April, the College of International Exchange has started the month of Three LOVE, which means Love students, Love Teachers and Love the university. The international students took this as a love and humanity concept. In…


A Mid-autumn Day Party For Students and Teachers 2017-02-27

The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China, which is considered to be the second largest traditional festival after the spring festival. In order to make international students understand Chinese custom and atmosphere of the…


Chinese Corner—Peking Opera 2017-02-27

On April 1 st , 2015, the College of International Exchange successfully held the Chinese Corner activity in the Humanities Building A316. International students, undergraduate students and graduate students from different countries partici…


Chinese Corner Activity-Enjoy the Chinese Tea 2017-02-27

In the evening of April 22 nd , 2015, the College of International Exchange successfully held the Chinese tea as the theme of the Chinese corner in the classroom A316 Humanities Building. Foreign teachers from different countries, internati…


Chinese Martial Art and Spirit 2017-02-27

The afternoon of May 13, 2015, College of International Exchange held on the theme of tradition of Chinese martial arts, Chinese Wushu Chinese corner, Shaobei Wushu Association and teachers, students from various countries and 2013 grade an…



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