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Bohai University Won The Runner-up As A Group In“Dynamic China- Sunshine Sports Culture Tour For International Students”In Selection Match. 2017-02-27

From May 29th to 31, the second International Sports - Sunshine Sports Culture Tour in China of Liaoning provincewas held in Shenyang Normal University. Our university team won the sports art project in sixth place, three on three basketbal…


A happy Halloween Night, A Wonderful Mask Party 2017-02-27

Halloween Day (All Saints) in November 1st of each year, is a traditional western festival. October 31st is called Halloween Eve (Halloween). In order to promote the exchanges between China and foreign countries, but also to create a feelin…


Make The Folk Art A Fashion 2017-02-27

Chinese knot, paper cutting these two handmade art, can be said to represent the Chinese traditional culture, the soul of folk art. On 17 th June 2015, the College of International Exchange held a Chinese Corner in the classroom A316 in the…


Confucius Institute Scholarship Application 2017-02-27

Bohai University, 2012 Confucius Institute Scholarship has been started, all the Chinese learners who are interested in studying at Bohai University are welcomed to apply for the scholarship. Bohai University is willing to deepen internatio…


The Chinese Bridge 2017-02-27

On June 1 st , 2013, College of international exchange students sent Indonesia emmerly, Korean students and students from Burundi white Zhixiong Arsenal three players came to Northeastern University in Shenyang, boarded the CCTV Chinese Bri…



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