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Bohai University Held 2017 Academic Achievement Show

2017-06-30 17:12      visitors:

  On the date of Jun 28th , 2017,Bohai university successfully held the yearly international students’ Academic Achievement Show. The theme of the show was named “Learning Chinese Language, Appreciating Chinese Culture”. The international students from Asia, Africa, Europe  made a joint efforts to exhibit their achievements obtained from the class. With the help of the teachers and times of practice, the  students showed their talents in reading Chinese poems, playing Chinese Opera ,singing Chinese songs ,writing Chinese Calligraphy ,Chinese Kungfu .
  After the show , all the international students express their passion for this show , “this is a really good chance for us to know each other and share the team work”, “I experienced great fun in learning Chinese Culture in this way” ,“I hope my family could see me on the stage”.


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