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A happy Halloween Night, A Wonderful Mask Party

2017-02-27 09:24      visitors:

  Halloween Day (All Saints') in November 1st of each year, is a traditional western festival. October 31st is called Halloween Eve (Halloween). In order to promote the exchanges between China and foreign countries, but also to create a feeling of home to the students in the university, the International Exchange Center organized a Halloween party.
  Students in Grade 2013, Andrew, Catherine and several foreign teachers and students from different countries participated in this event. Wang Ruiqi, Wang Yue two students brought a melodious sound "Jasmine" marks the official start of the "party". Subsequently, Chinese students and foreign students together. "I guess you do" and so many interesting little game, students laughed again and again, the audience was led by"masquerade" to the party to a climax.
  After the event, many Chinese students and foreign teachers and students became friends. Everyone said that this activity will not only exercise the ability of oral expression, to make foreign friends, also they really feel the "international family" life is so rich and colorful. 

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