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Make The Folk Art A Fashion

2017-02-27 09:23      visitors:

  Chinese knot, paper cutting these two handmade art, can be said to represent the Chinese traditional culture, the soul of folk art. On 17th June 2015, the College of International Exchange held a Chinese Corner  in the classroom A316 in the Humanities Building,
   The activity started by Wang Liting, Lin Shi Yu. They explained the origin of paper-cut and Chinese style. Working staff distributed the scissors, needles and other tools, the students can not wait to start making. Wang Ruiqi and several other students taught the students to make China knot and some simple paper-cut method, students. happiness within. In a variety of patterns, colorful colors and their laughter filled the classroom, they all feel the charm of folk art in an atmosphere of joy.
  Two hours of activity time passed quickly, the students not only increased knowledge, improve the ability to practice, more truly feel the essence of Chinese traditional culture. 

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