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Confucius Institute Scholarship Application

2017-02-27 09:21      visitors:

  Bohai University, 2012 Confucius Institute Scholarship has been started, all the Chinese learners who are interested in studying at Bohai University are welcomed to apply for the scholarship. Bohai University  is willing to deepen international exchanges, expand educational ideas and international perspective, to provide high-quality, free learning opportunities for overseas students.
1.      Students Requirements: 
(1)    For  One-Academic Year
Time of Enrollment: Autumn in 2012
Students Requirements:
A. students in Confucius Institute whose  academic study time is more than 120 hours.
B. Overseas students whose HSK is more than Level 3 with 180 scores
(2)    For  One-Academic Semester
Time of Enrollment: Autumn in 2012
Time of Enrollment: Autumn in 2012 or Spring in 2013
Students Requirements:
B. A.students in Confucius Institute whose academic study time is more than 60 hours.
B.Overseas students whose HSK is more than Level 2 with 120 scores
C. Age:16-35
2. Scholarship standard:
(1)    Registration fee, tuition fee, basic textbook fee, settlement fee, living expenses
(2)    Living expenses:1400yuan per month
(3)    settlement fee:
  For one year: 1500yuan
  For one semester: 1000yuan
3.  Application Documents:
(1)     Scholarship Application Form
(2)   passport and its copy
(3)     Application statement
(4)     HSK Performance Report
(5)  Notarized highest diploma
(6)   Reference Letter
4.  Contact :
Contact :Miss Zhao
Email: dana2200@163.com

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