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“Three LOVE” Activity In The College of Exchange

2017-02-27 09:18      visitors:

  In the beginning of April, the College of International Exchange has started the month of “ Three LOVE”, which means “Love students, Love Teachers and Love the university”. The international students took this as a “love” and “ humanity” concept. In order to meet the "three love" theme of the campaign, the College of international exchange , based on its characteristics, carried out the "three love" series of activities for Chinese and foreign students and staff .

  On 20th April, International Exchange set up the students men and women volleyball team and the team of Bohai University faculty, Songshan campus student volleyball team, Binhai campus volleyball team to launched a volleyball match. Through the game, students and many faculty and students Chinese became friends, exchanged their contact number, and get together to participate in the competition and training of volleyball. Students through the volleyball game, from the other side to understand the Bohai University teachers and students’ enthusiasm.
  On 23 th April, International Exchange College held "SUMMER DASH" Chinese and foreign Sports Meeting. Nearly one hundred athletes from 24 countries took part in the sports meeting. The Games organized by the students themselves, their own planning, and invited Chinese teachers and students to participate. Through the meeting they know the physiological solution of unity and cooperation among students with each other about the importance of trust, and Chinese students said they can China students from 24 different countries,  playing together is a very good international experience, also to enhance the exchanges and friendship between students of different cultural backgrounds.
  Lasted nearly a month, “My Bohai University” photography activities is still in progress. Students with unique aesthetic angle and different cultural ideas took Bohai University beauty, and sent their shooting photos to Bohai University, parents, relatives and friends in their hometown through the network, to share their learning and life in Bohai University.


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