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Opening Ceremony For 2016 Students in College of International Exchange

2017-02-27 09:34      visitors:

  In the afternoon of September 21, 2016 College of International Exchange held the 2016 Students Opening Ceremony ----For Scholarship students in the Academic Report Hall. The ceremony was presided over by Secretary Zhao Pengliang.
  This year, there are 56 students enrolled in the MTCSOL for bachelor degree and 49 for master degree, 52 students are from South Korea, other 11 are Confucius Institute Scholarship students and 5 are Government Scholarship students.
  The leader in the College of International Exchange and they give their best wishes to new students. Dean Chen Lei delivered a speech to all the new students and present the achievements made by the college recent years. Finally, Dean Chen encouraged the students to give the power to create a better future and to bless all the 2016 new students in the future harvest their knowledge, ability, love and friendship!

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