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A Mid-autumn Day Party For Students and Teachers

2017-02-27 09:15      visitors:

  The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China, which is considered to be the second largest traditional festival after the spring festival. In order to make international students understand Chinese custom and atmosphere of the mid autumn festival, experience a happy holiday, College of international exchange held an event to give Chinese and foreign teachers and students a the Mid Autumn Festival" activities in the botanical garden of Bohai University September 5th morning 10 pm. There are more than 40 international students from Burundi, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Russia, South Korea, Uzbekistan and other countries, also French foreign teachers and students studying in  Grade 2014 all freshmen have a joyful gathering to celebrate the Mid autumn Day.
  Chen Lei, the Dean of the International Exchange was invited to participate in the event. She explained to the students the origin and cultural connotation of the Mid Autumn Festival, to encourage them to live a good life and study hard. And also awarded the scholarship certificate for the Confucius scholarship students Pan Anhe (Burundi), Su Shiyu (Burundi), Ma Yifei (Afghanistan). 
  During the party, Chinese and foreign students tasted the mooncakes, and scholarship students sang the original Chinese song "flying dream", popular song "run", "Lengkudaodi" and African style of folk dance, the Russian students brought good traditional Russian folk dance performances. Chinese students and international students danced together just learned how to dance "little apple". Students in the activities of the Mid Autumn Festival not only feel the atmosphere and culture, but also to promote the friendship between Chinese and international students.


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