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Chinese Corner Activity-Enjoy the Chinese Tea

2017-02-27 09:13      visitors:

  In the evening of April 22nd , 2015, the College of International Exchange  successfully held the "Chinese tea" as the theme of the Chinese corner in the classroom A316 Humanities Building. Foreign teachers from different countries, international students and Chinese undergraduate students, graduate students participated in the event.
  With the classical aesthetic Guzheng music, enjoying the wonderful PPT, the host w introduced the characteristics of Pu'er tea, Tieguanyin, Spring Snail, and emphatically describes the origin and development of tea culture. The attitude of tea art skilled technique, elegant brings a antique art performances to the students which led the Chinese Corner activities to a climax, and it won the applause of the students. The fascinating art display has inspired many students' curiosity, they have come to the stage to watch carefully, and showed their study of the tea ceremony to everybody.
  Through the tea makes students understand the life such as tea, after the first bitter sweet.

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