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Chinese Martial Art and Spirit

2017-02-27 09:08      visitors:

  The afternoon of May 13, 2015, College of International Exchange held on the theme of "tradition of Chinese martial arts, Chinese Wushu" Chinese corner, Shaobei Wushu Association and teachers, students from various countries and 2013 grade and 2014 grade Chinese students participated in the event.
  At the beginning of the event, they show a martial arts spirit, their performance of boxing, swordsmanship and club moves hard quasi one reveals the mysterious Chinese martial arts.
  The international students were amazed at Chinese Kung Fu and they can not help but want to play on a few strokes. In the actual experience, they were in the process of carrying swords, boxing, a natural and unrestrained elegance with light sword action, made the students in physical exercise and also realize the cultural vitality and fun. The Chinese corner, greatly enriched the students after-school life, makes students feel Chinese colorful culture, improves the enthusiasm of learning Chinese, but also deepens their understanding of Chinese culture.

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