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Confucius Institute Summer Camp in Burundi at Bohai University

2017-02-27 09:00      visitors:

  From August 29th  to September 4th ,the University of Burundi Confucius summer camp led by GUY De Battista, a group of 15 people had a visit in Bohai University  for a week of summer camp tour.
  In the afternoon, teachers and students of College of International Exchange held the opening ceremony of the summer camp for a group. Dean, Chen Lei Secretary Zhao Pengliang, associate Dean, Zhou Hong attended the ceremony. Chinese and foreign teachers and students enjoy the wonderful performances.
  Carefully arranged by Bohai University, teachers and students from Burundi visited the campus of Bohai University and fossils Museum; visited the "twenty fivedaoguang" winery, to observe the China Manchu traditional brewing process; visited Guta Park and Jinzhou World Horticulture Exposition;taste ancient culture and enjoy natural life. In addition,the university  also carefully arranged a variety of language courses and the dough, paper-cut, Taijiquan, dumplings and other traditional Chinese talent experience course, let students truly perceive Burundi China culture at the same time to improve language skills.
  In September 4th, the leadership of the Institute for international exchange awarded a certificate of completion. Both teachers and students develop a close friendship, also greatly enhance the students' study enthusiasm in burundi.

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