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Lucky Money for the Confucius College scholarship students

2017-02-27 08:47      visitors:

  The Spring Festival is a symbol of reunion and celebration, the tradition of lucky money, which has been handed down for thousands of years, is still maintained its traditional characteristics in the College International Exchange of Bohai University.
  On February 6th , 2016, the dean of the College of international exchange, Professor Chen Lei, Secretary Zhao Pengliang and director Li Minghui, went together to visit Confucius scholarship student KANYAMUNEZA HONORINE,  in the hospital of Jinzhou Central Hospital. Also gave the gift money  and other gifts for the special purchases for the Spring Festival to 9 scholarship students  from Burundi University.
  Mr. Chen Lei showed her concern to KANYAMUNEZA HONORINE’s illness, encouraged her to recuperate at ease, use the holiday to rest, hope that she will recover soon, to live a normal life and learning and she also expressed the wishes to the students in Bohai University in the family, a   happy and peaceful and beautiful China years! Then, the teachers took a holiday blessing envelopes sent to students, and explained the meaning of "lucky money" for them.
  Students who used the Chinese saying "pay New Year's call! Pay New Year's call!" With teachers and students to each other's wishes for the new year, the students also sang the "congratulations on getting rich,"
  This happy and peaceful year of China will become a common yearning and memory to foreign students.


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