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Impressive Performance is made by Bohai Students In Tianjin

2016-12-22 08:36      visitors:

  From 13th to 16th of June, the second competition of  “Dynamic China- Sunshine Sports Culture Tour For International Students” for the northeast was held in Tianjin University. This competition covers 18 universities from 7 provinces  in total. 
  The team of Bohai University consists of 10 international students from Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Garner, Burundi, China etc. On 14th, in the sports art exhibition project, our school team played energetic samba, African dance and aerobics; On 15th, In the three pair of Basketball Games, our school basketball team and the Harbin Institute of Technology, after the integration of the five round of the game, the team qualify for the qualifying tournament, won the final in the fifth, and Harbin team was the final champion. On 16th , the last competition, Orienteering, The contestant in the relay region need to know well of chess, Chinese poetry, poems, idioms, traditional festivals, traditional sports and cultural knowledge in order to accurately answer Chinese punch clearance.  Finally Bohai University obtained a very good result as the seventh place in the competition,
  The competition of  “International sports-Sunshine Sports Culture Tour in China” was held by Ministry of Education International Exchange and China University Sports Association and Tianjin University, which aims to enhance the mutual communication and friendship between universities. This competition has shown a  positive image of health and youth style, to promote the comprehensive understanding of Chinese students in China, and through the Chinese and foreign student team to achieve the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign students.

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