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2015 Confucius Institute Summer Camp in Burundi at Bohai University

2016-12-22 08:35      visitors:

  From September 8th to September 19th Confucius from the Confucius Institute in Burundi, Chinese President Liu Yifeng led the 2015 Burundi Teachers University summer camp, a group of 19 people came to the Bohai University to carry out a summer camp for two weeks.
  Summer camp arrives in Beijing in September 8th. 9, the members visited the Tiananmen and Qianmen. They are very excited to see the Tiananmen Square, In addition to the Tiananmen square tourists have asked for a photo with the members, so that they understand Chinese people’s hospitability. They say they are very happy, because the Chinese people like them very much and also they love China very much.
  Summer camp arrives in Jinzhou in September 10th . On the afternoon of 11th , College of International Exchange held a warm opening ceremony for the group. Dean of International Exchange College ,Chen Lei, Burundi Institute of Confucius, Chinese President Liu Yifeng attended the opening ceremony. Throughout the afternoon, the students in the school reunion, the stage presents a happy and peaceful atmosphere.
  After spending more than and 10 days, members and international students have become very good friends, and forged a profound friendship, they send gifts to each other. The summer camp activities to stimulate the Burundi students’ enthusiasm to study at Bohai University. They said they have decided to study Chinese hard to become Chinese government scholarship students so that they can study at Bohai University, to change their fate.


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