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“Burundi’s Chinese New Year" 2016 Annual Spring Festival Gala of The Burundi University Confucius Institute

2016-12-02 08:17      visitors:

  Burundi local time on the morning of January 30th, the University of Burundi Confucius Institute held the 2016 Spring Festival gala.
  Leaders in the Embassy in Burundi and the staff in the University of Burundi and other distinguished guests, a total of more than and 500 teachers and students at Confucius college watched the show together.
  Chinese Embassy in Burundi Zhuo Ruisheng, Minister of the Ministry of culture of the Burundi and President of the University of Burundi, respectively delivered a speech  before the show.
  The teachers and students gave their performance on the same stage. The Spring Festival Gala kicked off in celebration of the opening dance won the applause; China song and dance performances with Burundi drum gave the audience a very fresh feeling; Taiji Fan shows majestic momentum China Kung Fu dance…  all the programs had given the best wishes to the audience for the new year.
  As a "Chinese taste" cheerful melody, the event came to a close in the warm atmosphere. Red carpet, red lanterns, Fu characters, red antithetical couplet, showed a very special Chinese new year to the people of Burundi. The Spring Festival Gala brought another cultural feast to Burundi, further deepening the friendship between China and Burundi.




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