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A Warm Winter For Scholarship Students

2016-11-22 08:05      visitors:

  The winter in the city of Jinzou has begun, the outdoor temperature dropped dramatically with strong wind and snow. On November. 16th ,  Chenlei, Dean of the college of International Exchange and Zhao Pengliang, the Secretary of the Party in International Exchange and the teachers for international students management gave the down jackets as a gift to the scholarship students from Confucious Institute of Burundi and Antananarivo.
  There are totally 11 students for this donation, and they are study in Chinese learning and Master of TCSOL. Burundi and Madagascar are located in the southeast of Africa, the annual average temperature of nearly 30 degrees Celsius, is a tropical climate, and the climate there is quite different with the City of Jinzhou. Dean of International Exchange, Chenlei noticed that this is the first year for African students to study in the city of Jinzhou, they do not make a preparation for the cold winter and also the down coat is relatively expensive for the students. Therefore, the college offer the“Annually Donation” to the students. And the dean of Confucius Institute, Zhang Junxiu bought hats for them as well.
  African students are both the messengers for cultural communication and   transmitter of sino-Africa friendship. Pro. Chenlei has promised them that Bohai University would give them the warmest support and help as much as they need.

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